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Miracle Dogs celebrates the rescuers and the dogs whose lives they’ve saved, a tribute to dog lovers everywhere as well as the canines that fill their lives with love. It’s filled with wonderful stories and photographs of dog rescuers, dog trainers, rescue organizations, and organizations that train assistance dogs for war veterans and the disabled.

Celebrity pet owners like Hoda Kotb, Chevy Chase, Lance Bass, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Amanda Hearst, Peter Marshall, and others share their stories of adopting dogs in need, while organizations like The Gentle Barn, Operation Heroes and Hounds, Friends of Finn, Gimme Shelter and Assistance Dogs of The West share uplifting stories of rescue animals who have gone on to help their humans live fuller and more independent lives.Each story features close-up and lifestyle portraits of the dog and their new family, followed by a concise, compelling narrative detailing the dog’s journey and new environment.

As a professional photographer, Liz Stavrinides spends much of her time on projects related to animal rescue. Miracle Dogs was born out of her desire to collect and share the stories of the dogs she’s met over the years, showcasing the incredible bravery and compassion of both canines and owners. Her portraits showcase beloved companions that were cast aside until they found owners who recognized their true worth, giving them a second chance to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Miracle Dogs is an unforgettable collection of stories celebrating the meaningful and often miraculous lives of rescue dogs given a second chance. Readers cannot fail to be moved by stories like that of Wyatt, an assistance dog who helped a young boy with autism communicate with the outside world, and Fiona, who was found blind and starving in an alley and is now safe with her loving family. Stavrinides’ portraits are filled with emotion, love, and empathy, making this heartwarming collection a loving and poignant tribute to man’s best friend.

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