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The Pet Rescue Center is now partnering with the Coachella Valley Dog Club to provide training to the dogs in the rescue and as a way to bring in funds to the center. Its proven that dogs who receive obedience assistance are easer to adopt as well as retain that home. Tabitha Davies, the owner, is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, an AKC Evaluator, a Certified dog trainer, and a Canine Behavior Specialist. With this partnership we now offer training classes at PRC in the following categories:


Broken into two groups. Puppies 12 weeks to 9 months, and Baisc ages 9 months and older.  There is no maxiumum age as dogs can learn in all stages of life. Puppy and Basic teach the EXACT same things except puppy class is meant for shorter attention spans and include puppy play time. Basic has a 10′ leash rule for all dogs and requires a red or yellow bandana on the dog if they have social issues.  We work on socilization and reactivity, how to stop barking, chewing, digging, jumping, and house breaking. We also teach at the minimum the foolowing behaviors in each class. Sit, Down, Stay (sit, down, stand, walk around), Wait (sit, down stand), Come, Finish Come, Heel, Walk on a loose leash, Watch me, Leave it, Drop it, take it, Off, Sit for greeting.  A graduation test is required for dogs to recieve graduation certificate.  6weeks 150.00 per dog.


Dogs must have a solid Sit, Stay, Come, and social skills and these will be assesed prior to the start of class unless the dogs have taken our obedience class.

We learn about timing, contact points, getting our dogs to work away from our body, a fast paced class. The obstacles the dogs learn are Dog Walk, A Frame, Jumps, Tunnles, Chutes, Weave Poles, Teeter Totter, and Box. A fun time for you and your dog. 6 weeks 150.00 per dog.


Dogs must have an advanced understanding of Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Watch Me, Wait, and Turning. This is a class designed to prepare dogs and owners for obedience competitions. 6weeks 150.00 per dog

The AKC Series.

We offer Star Puppy, canine Good Citizen, and Community Canine Training and Testing. *Inquire for pricing

Private Training.

is available for NON-Behavioral Modification/Agression cases and require a phone evaluation. All sessions are 45 minutes long. Pre-payment at booking is required, 24 hour cancelation notice is required for a reschedule. Fee per dog per session is 135.00, Evaluation is 30minutes long and is 45.00. *Contact CVDC to schedule private training.

We utilize Positive reinforcement training menthods only, we start by luring with treats and move to random rewards. When owners practice daily for 5-10 minutes they wont need to have a motivator with them besides their voice or a head pat. Classes are designed to be fun for the owner and the dog and inclusive of the entire family. Each person in the home should practice with the dog.

 The Rules for The Classes Are as Follows:

Your dogs must be current on All age appropriate vaccinations.

Your dog must attend class on one of the followingt: a leather or nylon collar,harness,or SPORN, gentle leader, halti, head collar, martingale, front walker,  and a leather or nylon leash.

Absolutely NO metal,chain,prong,or electronic training equipment will be allowed   On your dog. If you have trouble controlling your dog I will assist you- you may be required to purchase and utilize a reccomended item at the next class.

No negative training aids allowed…

Clickers recommended but not required.

Bring a blanket or towl

Small bite sized treats your dog enjoys to eat and will eat even if a little anxious (hot dogs, string cheese, liver treats work best)

Lots of water  for you and your dog. *SPF for both of you in the spring and summer.

Please try not to feed your pooch prior to class being hungry makes them eager to work for their treat.

Dogs attending class for social skills must wear a red bandanna  to class.

Dogs stay 10 feet away from each other at all times, unless they are from the same household. (Does not apply to puppy class)

Please keep your personal conduct in check. No profanity or socially inappropriate behavior.

If you bring your children, we encourage the whole family to participate, but you are solely responsible for your children and they must be with you at all times. we accept no responsibility for your children and if you or another member of your group is violating the code of conduct as stated in the training contract they will be asked to leave with no refund on training and they will not be allowed to return.

If you are curious about our classes please give us a call and stop by during a class to see what we offer, and to meet the wonderful residents of the Pet Rescue Center.

We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to help in classes and at the PRC in general. If parents want to bring their kids (age restrictions apply) to do a family volunteer session we openly welcome that.

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